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Sunday, April 15, 2007


A very interesting prospect has just appeared in the world of HYIP, coming in the form of CHYIPS. I had been aware of the operation before it launched as my associate had dealt with the group of operators before through a mutual contact. It offers a unique and attractive way to earn, promoting it as "The New Way to Earn".

They do not accept and deposits of any kind, so the threat of another ponzi operation is a non-issue. I also knew of some previous business the group had been a part of in the form of some very large trading accounts that they hold with traders my partner and I deal with. They are large investors and I cannot imagine them running a program unless it was going to be very big.

The opportunity that they offer is made possible by the operator's connections with online casinos. They are essentially online casino affiliates who receive a commission for every new player that they bring to the casinos. A standard affiliate might receive $75 for referring a new player, however, thanks to their connections, CHYIPS can get a much more generous deal. It is these increased earnings that are passed onto the CHYIPS members. Essentially, you benefit from the deals that CHYIPS has with the online casinos.

The system works when a new member signs up, they earn by completing the offered promotions. A promotion involves signing up as a new player to an online poker site and completing a list of requirements. CHYIPS earns a referral commission for signing you up and a percentage of the this commission is entered into your CHYIPS account. You will typically earn $90 for completing a single promotion.

You can also refer others to complete the promotions and for every promotion one of your referrals completes, you will earn an amount (usually $20). This means that currently if one of your referrals signed up and completed all the promotions, you would earn $140 for that referral. I was impressed with their referral program as unlike other referral programs which are paid out of the pocket of the admins, every cent in referral commission comes from actual profit generation paid by the online casinos. This means that the referral program it is not a drain on the operation as a whole.

All your earnings for both completing promotions and referring others to complete them are entered into your CHYIPS account and will earn interest. You earn a variable rate of 0-10% each month on your account balance.

This is one I think everyone should take a careful look at.

Best of luck.

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Thursday, March 15, 2007

The State of HYIP

As many of you have experienced first hand, most of the 'higher end' programs have been in a general decline recently. The best, and I maintain that these program were in fact the best programs in the arena, have all seemingly proven their incompetence in one way or another. The unfortunate truth is not that the wrong programs were selected, but more accurately the HYIP arena in general is of a highly unprofessional and inadequate nature. The very best of this arena are still far short of the quality that would be expected from a serious mainstream financial institution. It is full of backwater and rogue programs run by average Joes and untrained nonprofessionals who have simply strung together a fund because they were "tired of getting scammed" themselves. They were the best in an unregulated and completely unprofessional arena; the 'best of the worst' it would seem.

Even simple qualities such as communication or a less than reckless attitude towards the safety of your money are ones associated with professional firms, not HYIP programs. It is only normal to feel frustrated with the way these operations conduct themselves, however, no program to date has come close to matching a highly regarded and highly professional financial institution, regulated and compliant; they have all been the exact opposite. Most, if not all of the HYIP programs are highly illegal and violate most country's pooling laws. I think it's best people come to realise what they are actually dealing with instead of expecting professional actions and executive decisions from these types of programs.

That being said, certainly not all is lost. I am currently researching some new and interesting prospects that are considered reputable by any mainstream standard. Hopefully my research can yield something that will redefine HYIP and give the arena some long needed credibility and stability.

Best of luck to everyone.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Udachu: a hidden diamond?

The Udachu enterprise has famously been quite reserved in terms of disclosing the true and complete nature of it's operations. Although such a stance is hardly a reason for much concern by itself, in the context of this arena, it is not so easy to accept 'implied' legitimacy and safety as adequate reason to invest. That said, Udachu is still around and appears to be doing nothing but expanding and growing as an investment firm. Although the immediate assumption about an operation that is less than willing to provide disclosure into their business is a negative one in this field, it seems that first impressions might not be so accurate in Udachu's case.

No major public release of information has occurred, however, a number of incidences over the past few months, coupled with some private investigation, seem to indicate a solid core to Udachu. An example would be the option to view the SGFH trading account for a small 10k entry (technically this option is not functional at the moment). The amount would mean that a number of investors will be able to gain access to the accounts and witness the activity first hand. Business developments such as D-Carat and Blue Banking, among others, comprise a conglomerate of functioning Udachu operations which also help to establish an increased sense of professionalism, stability, and a generally entrepreneurial group.

Apart from these external factors, a significant amount of my recent reassessment can be attributed to a number of private relations I have made. They have been very helpful in providing supporting evidence and have generally shown Udachu to be nothing less than competent and professional. Understandably, a bias prone relation in itself is a weak and 'intangible' type of verification, however, it can help to provide a framework for the more substantial pieces of information.

The recent reforms seem to be an impressive and necessary development for the company's long term success, buttressing the professional appearance Udachu has managed to maintain. Further details on the upcoming changes should be available soon, however, at this time, it appears to be a step forward for the company.

Although few definitive conclusions can be drawn on Udachu at this stage, we can now be cautiously optimistic. Let's hope the positive developments continue to arise, and that Udachu can prove to be the revolutionary investment firm that its surface projects.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Udachu Reforms

If you are an Udachu investor and still unaware of the new plans for reform within the operation, I suggest you read the details of what's going on at the Udachu Fund Forum.

Monday, August 14, 2006

New Fx-Experts Operation

From the administration of the popular investment program "Fx-Experts" comes a new and unique investment opportunity, "FXEMA". This new operation allows investors to open their own managed FOREX account for only $3,000. Typically, managed accounts require a minimum investment around the $20,000 mark, so this uncharacteristically small minimum at FXEMA provides a means for investors that previously could not afford the high minimums.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with the fundamentals of a managed account, I will briefly explain it for you. FOREX trading is done via the services of a broker in the same way that stocks are traded through a broker. If you wish to trade on the FOREX market yourself, you will first have to seek out a broker and open an account with them before you can start buying and selling. With a managed account, you open a FOREX trading account with a broker, just like you would if you planned on trading for yourself, however, you grant trading access to a professional trader who then trades the funds in your account. Essentially it is like having your money in a bank account as only you can withdraw funds, all the trader can do is trade your funds, which creates a high level of security and accessibility. You can monitor the progress of your account when ever you wish and can see your trader trading your account live.

The FXEMA managed accounts will be hosted by the reputable broker - InterbankFX ( Trading will be effected by an Expert Advisor system, which means that a set of trading rules have been configured into the trading account and as markets move the system will automatically trade in accordance with these rules. The EA system used by FXEMA has already been tested for two years and was obtained by Marcos after a great deal of effort.

The trading methods are conservative and use a low amount of leverage which means the operation is aiming for a long term and stable partnership with investors. Returns are expected to be in the 10 - 15% per month range. A number of accounts have already been opened and so far trading has been going according to plan with accounts well into positive territory at the moment.

An important fact to note about the FXEMA operation is that currently only 100 accounts can be opened due to the software Marcos is using to manage them. Considering the success of Fx-Expert's other operations, these positions are expected to be filled fairly quickly (a number of positions have already been filled).

FXEMA will be open to investors within the next two weeks.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Udachu Now Completely Private

Both Udachu Fund and Udachu Invest have recently closed their doors to further applications and are now both completely private operations. This privatisation came as a shock to most with little to no notice from the Udachu administration and meant that a number of boarder-line investors subsequently missed out on the opportunity.

Seemingly in accordance with the nature of this Udachu operation, the reason for this sudden privatisation is not well known. It may be due to managerial problems, it may be that the administration , who knows? Again, it is something that we can only speculate about.

Some suggest that the enterprise's going private may be indicative of the operations legitimacy in some way, however, I still see Udachu as some what ambiguous. It remains a shot in the dark.

If you were someone who was interested in joining and missed out on opening an account before the operations went private, don't worry about it too much. There are programs with much more potential and transparency still open. Udachu, as it stood, was not a first or best option by any means.

Friday, June 30, 2006

Fx-Experts Managed Accounts

Fx-Experts has finally released their managed account (MA) option to the general public. Investors can now open their own forex trading account with an independent broker and have the Fx-Experts trader (Hermann Greb Netto) trade their account. The minimum investment is $25,000 USD and any inquiries for such an account can be made at the new section of the Fx-Experts' site.

The new MA's will not effect investors who want to get into the pooled accounts, with a minimum investment of $100. The pooled accounts are still open as per usual and will continue to be traded under Herman.

The following is a quote from the admin of Fx-Experts which details the traders accomplishments and provides a resume. Herman trades both the pooled and MA operations for Fx-Experts.

(note: The author of this resume is a Brazilian native and therefore his first language is Portuguese, not English)

"Hermann Greb Netto started trading FOREX market since 2002. He was introduced to Forex and his system by his cousin who lives in Bonn, Germany. He soon started to trade his own capital. At first he was having some challenges, but he continued to learn about the markets. Over time, his skills improved and he developed his own strategy which he is still using today.
Once he felt comfortable with his trading abilities, he started to trade with his father´s and brother´s money. In July of 2003 he began to manage his friends account. Soon thereafter he took on some other clients who were impressed with his performance. At the beginning of 2004 he started to operate a financial company in Brazil. Now he is trying to use his trading skills and past performance records to expand his client base around the world.


Technical Analysis and fundamental
Consideration to trade with solid strategies
Department of Economics University of Bonn –
Teacher/Trader: Thomas Luxsmann
February/2002 and April/2002

Technical Analysis and fundamental
Workshop and Seminar - USA
Los Angeles California
Teacher/Trader: Peter R. Bain

Technical Analysis, fundamental and
Intra-day technical trading
Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
Teacher/Trader: Flávio Lemos

Technical Analysis and application of solid
and sustainable trading strategies.
Sao Paulo - Brazil
Leandro Ruschel e Alexandre Wolwacz